Week 7 – MSU Culinary Services

We are officially three weeks away from the opening of 1855 Marketplace and two weeks away from Green and White Days. I am quickly learning that the work-life balance is a difficult one. As it is my last summer, fun is limited in the time I have to do work and school balanced social life. I am so excited for this semester though because even though it will be super hectic, I know it will all be worth it. As Green and White days are closet, that means my hours for that week will be 63.5 hours and I do not know how I actually feel about that. I guess we’ll see how my post goes in two weeks…

With 1855 being three weeks away, testing is almost completely over as we just had Boar’s Head Sandwiches made today to see what would be showcased within the market. It is amazing to see the different products come to life with Boar’s Head. They have so many different types of meats and cheeses. We are using local Breadsmith bread which is awesome to showcase those items as well. I am super nervous with the opening because they have pushed back the training for those marketplace employees and construction is STILL underway. This means training will be going on as the opening happens which blows my mind. Along with that training, Corporate training for Sparty’s Commissary and Food Truck is coming up in about a month and three people are leaving our operation by then. We are trying to limit training to about two days due to hectic activities occurring in the kitchen, but I guess the best way to learn is by doing it. I’m sure the team will jump right in, but hopefully things are done properly. Only way to learn is from the bottom and here I am.